Vogue Australia

The Style Quotient

January 2015

Out of all the retinue that follows an A-lister, the job of a stylist is one of the most crucial as they draw the fashion and celebrity worlds closer together

The Transgressors: The new breed of stylist flouts dress codes and etiquette to foreground fashion in the celebrity circle

Cher Coulter has watched the fashion scene change in Los Angeles. “There’s a Céline and Saint Laurent on Rodeo now that didn’t used to be there,” Coulter observes, which may be in part due to her influence. The London-born stylist who calls LA home never took to the “polished movie star” look and instead follows fashion with zeal. “I move with fashion and I respond to the shows I like,” she says, dressing clients with a twist to avoid what she calls “staged” looks. “That’s the only way to own it now,” says Coulter. “Otherwise you get the matching shoes and the bag and that just doesn’t feel exciting anymore.”

– Alice Birrell