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Kate and I launch Jewelmint


November 23, 2010

Whether decked out on the red carpet or low-key on the streets of Los Angeles, Kate Bosworth is one Hollywood star who always manages to get it right in the style department. So this fall, when the actress announced that she was getting into the fashion business–with an online costume-jewelry boutique called JewelMint–the most obvious question wasn’t “Why?” but “What took you so long?”

 “I love the fashion world deeply,” explains Kate, whose collaborator is her personal stylist and best friend, Cher Coulter. “But I wasn’t just going to slap my name on something. I think that equals disaster for any singer or actor.” That certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with JewelMint, a sort of bauble-of-the-month club where customers pay wallet-friendly $30 dues to receive pieces that are personally designed by Kate and Cher. (Exactly which items from the line one receives is determined by a style quiz completed upon joining.) “I asked myself, Would I want it now and get that panicky feeling if I didn’t have it?” the star says. “If I was just ‘ eh,’ it didn’t make it into the collection.” What did pass the test are Art Deco-inspired earrings, sleek metallic bangles, and ornate cocktail rings: in short, an eclectic mix that reflects Kate’s own chameleon style. “I love that however one is feeling can be expressed on the exterior through fashion,” she says. Still, Kate insists there’s one thing all of the JewelMint items have in common. “They’re not what you’d find in a department store,” she says. “They’re what you’d hope to discover in your grandmother’s attic”–or your stocking. “I want a gift to be something that makes that person feel special because they are special,” says Kate, who’s been known to troll antique stores for that perfect present. “I get very irritated when I can’t find something that will make people excited or happy.”

– Amanda Fitzsimons