Which celeb can pull jeans off on the red carpet…

February 8, 2013

Last night, we swung by Scoop NYC’s Meatpacking District outpost to fete stylist to the stars (and head JewelMint stylist) Cher Coulter’s new capsule collection for denim label AG. The 14-piece range is part of the brand’s Stylist Series, and is divided into four categories—Classic, Eclectic, Rocker, and Sex Bomb—all inspired by various Hollywood It girls Coulter styles, such as Elizabeth Olsen (who popped by Scoop to say hi to Coulter!), Kate Bosworth, and Nicole Richie. We caught up with Coulter and got the lowdown on the collaboration, her summer denim trend forecast, and which star she thinks could rock jeans on the red carpet.

What was the overall vision you had when working on the AG collaboration?
It was basically to accommodate as many aesthetics of fashion as possible, which is what I’ve done with JewelMint. When I’m designing for JewelMint, we have to think of every single person, so I’ve adopted the same sort of idea for [the denim collaboration]. You put people in boxes sometimes, but the beauty is when someone says oh but I like that jacket and that hat, and that’s what’s so nice about the collection—people can put their own spin on it.

What do you like pairing denim with?
[In my lookbook] I chose everything to be white, which was smart because there’s so much white for summer. I think denim in the summer always looks nice with white; it looks fresh, especially this summer, and that’s why I like white stilettos with jeans. It’s easy; I don’t think it’s too taxing.

What’s the one piece of denim that you own that you’ll never part with?
Well, aside from my collection, I always like my Current/Elliott leopard-print denim jacket. I would’ve done leopard if they hadn’t done it, because I f—ing love leopard!

Who’s one celebrity you think could get away with rocking jeans on the red carpet?
Rihanna, because she’d wear [denim] in a fashionable way, and they wouldn’t just be jeans. They’d be, like, high-waisted with a major belt. She’s the one who would.

What denim trends are you foreseeing for the summer and then into the fall?
Last summer we had all those prints and bold flowers and things like that, so I think white jeans seem very fresh, whether they’re high-waisted or cropped, with a nice black belt.

Do you think last summer’s printed jeans will move aside?
Probably. But then, you know how Balmain, for resort, had the black and white stripes? I love that, and that’s so easy to slap onto denim. You could just paint it onto a jacket. I like all that graphic black-and-white stuff.

The Oscars are coming up! Are you dressing anyone?
I’m not for the Oscars. It’s funny, because all the people I work with are so fashionable, but they don’t often go to the Oscars, which I’m not gutted about. It’s really intense.

Is there anyone you’re looking forward to seeing at the Oscars?
I was thinking about that, actually, who the young ones going are. Who were the young ones at the Globes? I don’t even know who’s nominated! What about designers you’d like to see represented? ?I think McQueen. If someone dared to wear one of those f—ing amazing gowns! But you need a Nicole Kidman or a Charlize Theron, someone who can take the power of the dress and own it. It needs to be that sort of woman, somebody incredible like that, a knock-out. That’s what I’d like to see, someone to really bring it in amazing couture.