Beauty insider

Stylist Cher Coulter may have a long (and impressive) list of editorial and advertising clients under her very fashionable belt, but it is the celebrities she regularly dresses that have earned her the most accolades. They are well deserved—after all, the stars who count themselves Coulter acolytes happen to be among the perennially best dressed (and not in that safe way). Among them: Kate Bosworth, Elizabeth Olsen, Nicole Richie, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And it is with Bosworth that she launched the jewelry design JewelMint in 2010. London-born and educated (she studied fashion design at the illustrious Central Saint Martins), Coulter has called L.A. her home since the early aughts. Here, she shares some of her local beautifying favorites. —Fiorella Valdesolo

“Since moving to L.A., visits to the Korean spa have been a ritual, and believe me, I’ve tried many places. My latest obsession is the Crystal Spa. You could quite literally spend an entire day there. Start with steam and sauna, followed by dips in the hot and cold tubs, then [opt for] the aqua body polish. They use Aveda products, which I love. When you finish, grab a traditional Korean-style bite followed by even more treatments. You leave feeling like a new person; it’s especially good after a long flight or a big job.” Crystal Spa, 3500 W. 6th St., suite 321, L.A., (213) 487-5600,

THE MASSAGE: Antonio Hendricks
“It’s hard to go to another masseur after having Antonio work on you. He comes to your home, so it’s even more relaxing knowing I don’t have to get into a car afterwards. He works deeply into the muscles and really knows what you need without having to ask any questions.” Call (323) 240-6819.

THE WORKOUT: Pilates Plus Silver Lake
“This place has a cool vibe and the music is always interesting and new. The teachers are young and enthusiastic and will kick your ass into shape. Taking Sorel [Carradine’s] class on a Sunday morning is the perfect way to counteract the night before and prepare for the week ahead. And the workouts on the reformer are never the same so you don’t feel like you’re on a treadmill counting down the minutes until you can get off.” Pilates Plus, 2630 Hyperion Ave, L.A., (323) 660-0300,

THE BLOND-ER: Lorri Goddard at Rossano Ferretti
“I’ve always admired a natural beach blonde and never want my hair to look ‘highlighted.’ Lorri is meticulous about her work, which I appreciate. It’s nice to be pampered there and, if you’re lucky, you might be able to [snag] a quick cut from Adam Campbell, who also works on shoots and the red carpet.” Rossano Ferretti, 345 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, (310) 598-6780,

THE FACIAL: Carasoin Day Spa
“I’ve recently gotten into their stem cell and microdermabrasion facial. They are the only ones in L.A. to offer the service and I am hooked. My skin feels so soft and smooth [post-treatment].” Carasoin Day Spa, 120 N. Robertson Blvd., L.A., (310) 855-0105,

THE ROAD TRIP: Ventana Inn & Spa, Big Sur
“Just six hours from my home in L.A., Big Sur is a wonderful part of the country untouched by billboards, boats, or too many people. I like to stay at the Ventana Inn & Spa, which is situated in the northern part of Big Sur and is close to many great eight-mile hikes across epic landscapes. You can swim under the stars and eat in an amazing hilltop restaurant. It’s a very relaxed yet active place in the middle of unrivaled beauty.” Ventana Inn, 48123 Highway One, Big Sur, Calif., (800) 628-6500,

THE CLEANSE: Café Gratitude
“Eating on the go or on shoots is not the most conducive diet for a healthy lifestyle, so sometimes I reset with a cleanse. The version offered by Café Gratitude is by far one of the most satisfying cleanses I’ve done to date. It’s mostly raw, organic, and vegan and can be picked up from one of their locations every day. With other brands I tend to feel hungry, but that’s not the case with theirs. After I finish, I feel like I’m back in control of my nutrition.” Café Gratitude, 639 Larchmont Blvd., L.A., (323) 580-6383,