My Metiers d’Art experience

Dallas, Texas

December 13, 2013

Above photo courtesy of CHANEL – Photo Karl Lagerfeld

I’ve just returned back to LA from what was one of the grandest, most awe-inspiring events known to fashion.  Every December, Chanel holds a fashion show to showcase the extreme talent of the skilled artisans they employ (see my other blog post about the history of the Metiers d’Art). It’s sold as pre-fall to the consumer but is so much more that a regular collection.

Gabrielle Chanel enjoyed America.  In 1954, at age 71 Chanel said goodbye to retirement in order to produce more collections. In 1957, Neiman Marcus honored her with their award for Distinguished Service in the field of Fashion. The ceremony was held at the Neiman Marcus flagship in Dallas. Neiman Marcus was an iconic department store that had become a mecca for the American elite in need of Parisian couture. Karl Lagerfeld was honored the same recognition yesterday.

On December 9th, I arrived at the Joule Hotel around 5pm just in time to freshen up and head down to an “informal” dinner…Chanel style. Which includes every international fashion head being present and looking amazing. Giovanna Battaglia always looks incredible, I have major outfit envy every time I see her. Watching Texas ladies mix with the Fashionistas from every corner of the globe was a lot of fun for both sides.

Show day, after forcing myself into the gym, I headed into Texas on foot with Karla Welch, a fellow stylist here in LA. We both didn’t really fancy competing with the other guests around the geniously named vintage stores like ‘Dolly Python’. I prefer to shop with less distractions and I like to go off piste whenever I can. You can see where we went in my next post – Dallas – My Experience.

At 6pm we shuttled from the hotel to Dallas Fair Park. Once inside we were transported to a 1950’s drive-in theater outfitted with 74 Vintage cars parked in front of four movie screens.  We watched ‘The Return’ Directed by Karl Lagerfeld and starring Geraldine Chaplin as Chanel.  Be sure to check out the full 25 minute film here.

From the drive in..


L1050633we moved as a giant pack to the barn…


Here the world of Chanel hit Texas hard. It was the perfect collision. No garment left untouched by Parisian craftsmen, from the oil barrel evening bags to the crystal encrusted pistol brooches.

Chanel_028_1366.450x675Erin Wasson, the ultimate Texan supermodel brought an authentic cool to the show. I love this outfit so much, the oversized western knit over the ruffle skirt and pale boots was divine.

Chanel_020_1366.450x675By contrast, I loved this rock ‘n roll take on things. All black is a winner for me always and with the flat shoes it was modern and confident.

Chanel_082_1366.450x675 I love this dress so much. The texture contrast the rustic world of Texas and makes it disco ready. The bolo tie bought it back to it’s roots via Paris.

Chanel_094_1366.450x675Obviously the finale was magical, she kicked up the hay with her feathered pants and her headdress wafted under the flag chandeliers.

Breathtaking and unforgettable. Karl killed it.

The after party was in a giant saloon, equipped with mechanical bull, (Alexa Chung posted a brilliant video of Poppy Delevigne on board the bull) dance floor, pool hall, video games, numerous bars and food stalls. Below you can see everyone pack the dancefloor for line dancing. It was A LOT of fun.


What a great way to end 2013.