Sycamore necklace

The Sycamore Necklace was really inspired by  India, and it was even before I visited India that I designed it. My travels took me to Rajasthan for my Mothers 60th birthday, we took a train around the golden triangle on the ‘Palace on wheels’.  Our timing wasn’t brilliant with the temperature reaching  110 F. Everywhere you look in India is jaw dropping, an overload to the senses.  As soon as you step out at Delhi airport you become very aware of your surroundings, gone are the grey suits in the black cars on the freeway , instead there is a rainbow of colored sarees riding tandem on vespas.  These people don’t seem to have the fear in them like we do, anything  goes in this place. I have never ever been anywhere so rich and so poor, I have never seen poverty on this scale, pulling up in train stations over night to sleep in our private cabins, and only a netted curtain away are lines of people sleeping on the platform without a mattress to support them or a sheet to protect them from the many mosquitos. Even when I’m witnessing the poverty there is still such beauty. The way they dress using such bold vibrant color combinations are inspiration beyond belief. India ts a very spiritually powerful place.  I must have taken over 5,000 photos, everywhere I looked was the most cinematic stylish moment in time, wether it was a soda truck driving past covered in pom pom’s or a decorated horse, this place is vibrant and eye opening.

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I wanted the Sycamore necklace to reflect the boldness and flamboyance of  india.  Silver seemed to be a predominant metal so added with the bright pops of color and the oversized nature i felt it paid homage to a great country. As for styling this necklace and making it modern, it will add an element of boho cool to any outfit.  There are two really great ways to wear this.  The first is over another pattern.  The shapes really bring out eclectic patterns and make them more authentic. Check it out below layered over an Etro dress and see how well it complements the vibrant colors and shapes.  there  is a similar one here.


unnamed-1 Here’s another cool example of how the necklace really brings out the best patterns.

unnamed-6 Another way it looks great is to throw it over a black turtle neck or under a white loose dress.

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