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A Celebrity Stylist’s Guide to Packing: “Don’t Bring Heels”

10th April 2015

I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to fashion, but as far as packing is concerned, I’ve had bad moments. Like forgetting appropriate shoes for a dress i have to wear. Or failing to realize that I actually hate how something looks on before I’m hundreds of miles away from the rest of my clothes. It’s an Achilles’ heel that has me forever interested in tips and tricks from pros. The latest person to offer up useful advice is stylist Cher Coulter, who’s worked with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Upton, and Emilia Clarke.

“I always decide on outfits before I leave on a trip, whether for a weekend or a month. I’m a sucker for prints, so I make sure those pieces are balanced out with neutrals. Additionally, I always bring a good sweatshirt, no matter the climate,” she explained to me, adding that she skips physically writing down pieces or outfits because she knows the piece of paper would get lost. “If anything, I take photos on my phone so I have a record. I like to freestyle when I arrive, so making sure things will mix well is crucial.”

The key to packing light (carry-on only, baby) is all about what you can remove from your baggage. For Cher, it’s often heels and well-intentioned workout clothes. “Plenty of women pack heels, then arrive at a relaxed location and feel too overdressed so they don’t wear them. Take an evening sandal or wedge instead,” she suggested. “And my gym kit seems to follow me everywhere but is never used…”

The extra space she saves goes to practical picks (sneakers and black tees) and small items that add an extra punch. “I love dangling earrings to spruce up my looks,” she says.

-Leah Melby