All the best indie jewelry designers are at JewelMint

July 8, 2013

Fashionista’s first-ever “How to Make It in Fashion” conference at the Dream Downtown was an absolute dream unto itself–the speakers, the guests, the goody bags–and none of it would’ve been possible without our fabulous sponsor, JewelMint. We love JewelMint for always having the freshest accessories available at couldn’t-be-more-perfect prices, as well as its affiliation with some of fashion’s biggest players like celeb stylist Cher Coulter and Giles and Brother’s Phillip Crangi.

And now, JewelMint just got even better (no, seriously), by introducing JewelMint Collective. Here’s the scoop: The Collective is the site’s new curated marketplace of indie fashion designers–meaning it’s filled with amazing stuff your friends definitely won’t already have. You know the rush you get when you stumble upon the world’s cutest, most perfect little boutique, filled with the best stuff ever? The Collective is a lot like that–without having to travel anywhere. Everything’s available right at your fingertips, any time you feel like shopping the latest styles. Yep, even when you’re craving some new swag at 3am.

With over 2,000 designs available from more than 50 seriously talented designers (and counting), The Collective is basically a mecca for jewelry fiends. New collections are added twice monthly–and with each made-to-order piece ringing in at only $30-$300, it’s a habit you can afford to form. Featured designers include LA-based artist conceptual Allie Pohl, the modern-day indigenous Bones and Feathers Collective, desert landscape-inspired I Adorn U, African fair trade initiative Same Sky, and a ton more. It’s easy to get lost for hours scanning the incredible selection at The Collective–and even easier to find something your wardrobe simply can’t exist without.

– Nora Crotty