Cher Coulter talks JewelMint

August 15, 2013

Embellish your fall wardrobe with vintage-inspired baubles created by celebrity stylist and JewelMint co-founder Cher Coulter, who just launched her monthly capsule collection series, Cher Coulter for JewelMint, on the accessories site today. For $29.99 each, the collection includes both bohemian, antiqued designs (like a horse head-shaped bangle) as well as more delicate crystal creations (such as a Victorian-style necklace). As a whole, the line includes Coulter’s found treasures, which she told us is a culmination of goods gathered from her visits to flea markets in Fairfax and small shops in Hertfordshire and on Portobello Road in London. The sartorial star has styled such celebrities as Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller, and Elizabeth Olsen.

“My theory was always to try and appeal to everybody but with my sensibility and a little bit of fashion on top. So, every month it will be more variation of that,” she told us. “I want it to look like it all comes from many different places. So when you go through your jewelry box, you feel like you’re building a personal collection rather than just [owning] one designer’s point of view.”

While chatting with the sartorial star about her new line, we picked up her top three tips for fall accessorizing so you can stay ahead of the trends like her A-list clientele.

1. Pair a statement necklace with a turtleneck: “I love the Cleopatra necklace. I’ve seen them at Proenza [Schouler resort 2014], they had all those kind of gold, very ’60s inspired Danish-looking necklaces worn with black turtlenecks and crop tops. I love those gold statements on a small black turtleneck. I like the idea of that piece worn on top of clothes and moving away from the chains or button-up shirts.”

2. Go for worn-in metal when wearing colored jewels: “Icy blue was such a good trend for fall. I just love that and thought it was pretty and festive. Color is quite hard to translate into jewelry without it looking extremely cheap. So, one of the challenges is picking those colors and making sure it works on the metal. That light blue works on the silver because it’s a worn-in silver. A bright silver might look cheap.”

3. Pile on the rings: “I’m really interested in how girls wear rings and the combination of the rings. I think little rings and big rings are really a fashion statement in themselves. That’s why I like the Rita and Lisabeth rings—when you get two you can spread them out so it’s kind of already styled for you. It’s like you bought them at different shops. I’m not a fan of tons of bangles, but I do like lots of rings—small, diamond, or chunky.”  – Kristina Rodulfo

Shop Cher Coulter for JewelMint at JewelMint.com and preview more of the collection exclusively at ELLE.com, below.

-Kristina Rodulfo