Antonio Berardi

Why the red carpet loves him…

December 2nd, 2013

The British Fashion Council awards are around the corner. It got me thinking how much I LOVE British designers, and not only because I’m British. If you read my Huffington Post article or my recent interview with the LA Times  you will see why.
My first post is dedicated it to the great Antonio Beradi.
Antonio studied at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, while working alongside John Galliano as his assistant. I actually remember seeing him in the corridors of the college whilst I was in my first year. The final year students were gods to us at that time.

Beradi has a knack of making a model sashaying down his runway seem cool. Even if she is in  a beaded gown, it’s not just a beaded gown, he may have messed with the hemline or added some over sized  gold zips to offset the classic side to the dress. In his styling, he will pair it with a more casual item,  for example the two jackets below worn over gowns in 2011 and for 2014. its a cool girl formula, a london approach to look cool and sexy and effortless. The emphasis being on effortless.

Antonia Berardi



This approach to design is what I love applying to styling. One should not have perfect hair a face full of make up, and too many jewels if she is already in a huge gown; she will only look ten years older. Why rush that process? Enjoy being young and carefree, and more importantly look confident in your choices.

I have watched Beradi grow over the years and in the last few years I have depended on him more and more when it comes to dressing my clients for the red carpet. With that being said, it is important to understand that the red carpet is often an invasive microscopic view on the celebrity’s fashion sensibility; which can be unforgiving at times.  If the photographer is at a bad angle gazing up your nostrils and the red carpet is cluttered with people, and bad logos  it can set you up for a tacky shot, no matter how good the dress is.
Beradi considers all of these factors in his design process. His fabrics are flattering as well as comfortable and the tailored cuts are kind to women. the icing on the cake  that will have every fashion head talking is his ‘take’ on reinventing a classic.

The sweet spot in Beradi’s work is between the need for a timeless classic and the ‘must have’ sense of right now fashion.
You want to look back on photos in years to come and say wow that dress still looks amazing but I know it was 2012.

Rosie looks great in everything, but in Beradi she wows! The Red gown she wore to the Transformers premiere was equal part glamour and equal part fashion. This dress is timeless yet it was right on trend at the time… the fabric gave it an edge on a classic strapless red dress…no longer was it just a strapless red dress.


The look Rosie wore to the Elle fashion awards was one of my personal favourites because it was so romantic and risk taking, the cape made it  fashion forward yet the gorgeousness of the dress as a whole out shadowed any questionable risk taking, thus making it even more of a success.



Nicole Richie has also looked amazing in some of his looks. While writing this blog I found it interesting that she went for two of his pant looks, both super perfect for that moment in time and effortlessly cool, yet super special. This look she wore for the style awards this year was just so cool, it was appropriate for a fashion red carpet and she wore it so well, you can see in her face she feels good. mission accomplished.


Elizabeth Olsen wore this Beradi dress to the Independent Spirit Awards back in 2011. it was the perfect choice for a daytime event, easy to wear but beyond special for a big day. The drama was contained in the workmanship of beading  on top and the cool factor was in the cut and shape, it was so much more than a beaded dress.

2012.LO independent spirit awards. antonio beradi. shoes cesarepaciotti

Beradi does red so well.
Kate Bosworth sported this incredible red dress for Sundance film festival and looked sharp with a matching red lip. Again, this wasn’t your average red dress, the embroidery was placed interestingly on the dress and the neckline was super modern.


Antonio just becomes more of a master of his craft and even more understanding of what makes a woman feel better than good in his clothes.

I salute you. and cant wait for the next collection.

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