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Hi Friends,

I want to introduce you Cher Coulter. She is an amazing celebrity stylist and fashion designer (fashion icons like Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Sienna Miller is some of her clients just to name a few). She was born in the UK but now lives in LA since many years.

So girls, if there is one person you should listen to when it comes to styling – you’ve find your woman!

How would describe yourself in three words?

Busy, Sociable, Worker.

What do you do for a living?

Fashion stylist and fashion designer.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

You can have it all if you believe you deserve it.

What do you dream of?

Vacations to remote and far off lands.

What makes you happy?

Friends and laughs and travel and vacations …. oh and most of all my dog Lovern.

Do you have any beauty secrets you would like to share?

Less is more. I use Cleu de Peau and its amazing, I use the cleaner moisturizer and make up … it works.

What can’t you live without?

My dog Lovern.

Favorite items in your wardrobe?

An old green Isabel Marant hippy dress I’ve had for ten years almost, it never dates. I’ve worn it to Coachella two years with four years in between.

How do you balance your life?

Well thats a challenge, it seems to be feast or famine so i literally have to make time for fun stuff when work takes over.

Who is your biggest role model?

Hmmmmmm some friends can run businesses and have kids and a social life and still smile a lot and i look up to them.

How would you describe the city you live in?

Hot and big, but when you find interesting things to do its great. you have to find your version of any city and travel to its limits to see the beauty….

What restaurant do you recommend to friends from out of town?

Ammo on Highland is sophisticated and healthy. Chateau is great for atmosphere and i love La Poubelle near where I live because there is life in there.

What is your favorite place for…

A date night: La Poubelle
A dinner with friends: Chateau Marmont
A work meeting: Ammo
People watching: Downtown Bestia etc
A girls night: A good house party or “No Vacancy” was fun last week. LA clubs suck hard and fast so you have to keep your eye on it.

Where do you shop?

All over the place but London you can’t beat for variation. I get frustrated in LA because all shops buy the same from each designer….But in LA it would be Isabel Marant, Maje, Zara and Silverlake vintage.

Where is the best place for vintage?

I like The Way We Wore and Resurrection.

What is your next fashion investment?

A good pair of fall boots probably Saint Laurent tan colored kitten heels.

5 quick Q:s

Coffee or Tea? green tea

Movie Night or a Night out? night out

Sweet or Salty? sweet

Summer or Winter? winter

New York or LA? …. LA

– Anine Bing