LA store launch

Acne  opened in downtown LA last night and me and my team went to enjoy the festivities and stare at the coolest crowd I ve seen in LA in a long time.

Acne was founded in 1996 by four guys and 10,000 euros aiming to launch a multidisciplinary digital film, design, creative consultancy.  Many people wonder what Acne stands for – Ambition to Creat Novel Expression.  The name was meant to be off-putting as a reflection of the attitude of the 90s.  In ’97, they decided to launch their first ever fashion product, a pair of five-pocket, raw denim jeans with iconing red stitching.  Not having much of a plan besides to “get someone cool to wear them in front of my colleagues”, says Jonny Johansson, the brands creative director. Soon major fashion magazines began featuring the jeans in their spreads and big named retails started calling. Acne acted quick to add other items of clothing to the collection for the fear of being associated with only denim.

Today, with more that 650 outlets in 66 countries selling the illustrious Acne brand, the founders insist that it’s far more than just a clothing company.  There is a biannual magazine, Acne Paper, ongoing collaborations with fashion heavy hitters like Lanvin, a cult transsexual publication, and a furniture line.  None of these outlets are advertised using traditional methods as they prefer to take a discreet approach to promotion.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Online, Mikael Schiller, Acne’s executive chairman, inadvertently explained what makes the company so cool,  “We had this idea: not to explain everything to everybody.”  That mystery and discretion is what fashion fans love most about this line.

What I love about Acne is that its fearless and embraces fashion the way designers did back in the nineties when i was a fashion student. This attitude pushes the boundaries of any ‘current trends’ magazines love to group and make pretty pages from.

Here are a few shots from the evening..L1050810



This is me and my freind Lisa Larson she is Ragdoll-La, and a very stylish swedish lady at that.


After the store opening everyone headed down the street to the new downtown LA Ace hotel.



Sadly I couldn’t stay to enjoy the dinner but it looked insane good.

This jacket is avaliable at Acne now and its such a good one for fall through to summer.


Acne is located at 855 S.Broadway, los Angeles, 213 243 0960. Ace hotel will open early 2014, and is located at 929 S Broadway, Los Angeles. (walk by now though and peek in the window if you can because its stunning).